17 April 2008

Ana Frank will still be my Best-Friend

Teenagers love their friends, cause they are, basicaly, everything they have instead saying they are all they have. Or maybe not. Lots of teenagers have boyfriends or girlfriends, so for these teens friends are not everythig.
In despite of mostly of teens do with their relationships, friends are all I have ( of course, I have not boyfriend )

But is not good at all when you realize you are not similar to your friends, I mean, that is what is happening to me. They are my best friends, and there is not back on it, but it make me feel so bad to know we are so different all they from me.

But she is my best friend too ! !!
She's the only one that accepts me ( or that is what it seems to be ) like really I'm inside, or accepting facts of my personality I sometimes have to shut up about it in front other friends or the simple fact I have no boyfriend or something like it that could make me get next to them.

I sometimes think ( and right now I'm more sure about it than I never was ) this situation obligates me to choice between them. She or they.

I will never choose between them. Ana Frank ( yeah ! the bean girl of Ana Frank's diary ) will still being my best friend )

2 comentarios:

Anonymous said...

Señorita pequeña princesita are que decis cualqiera primero , me gusta tu pelo :$ y en fin gracias por firmar y leer las cosas que escribo esta buneo saber que alguien lee y no solo opina "sos muy creida pendejita" me caes bien are qe ni la conocia jaaja dios lees esto y decis dios mio esta mina es pene ! jojo . (: un besi /chofii

Flotty said...

divinadivinadivna :D