10 February 2009

getting a tattoo

im seriously considering about getting a harry potter tattoo. Eventually, i've got this idea from a long time ago and now i'm allowed for my parents to do it. well, almost (yeah, it took a long time to persuade them taking in account im already 17)
from all the signs, symbols, crest, pictures, etc etc in harry potter i chose the deathly hallows symbol, because of its meaning (the triangle is for the invisibility coat, the circle is for the resurrection stone and the vertical line is for the elder wand: together they have the power to destroy death and make the owner "master of death") and because it will be understood just for the ones who read hp series, not because i like the symbol, it's very simple.
you must have seen the symbol, it's right there posted in the sidebar, at the end of the gadgets.
+ got a question: where the hell in my body should i tattoo it? i was thinking of the back of my wrist but there is a problem, does it have to be tattoed in the way to be correctly seen for people or to me (i mean, it's a triangle)?
whatever, i looked in internet for some deathly hallows tattoos to get an idea of how it could look tatooed and i found this pictures:

( the first picture shows the tattoo exactly where i wanted it! other i liked it's the one in the elbow it's exactly the same draw like the one in the sidebar... )
i have to think about this. once i decided i tell you and then post photos of my tattoo :D
so, then ... what do you think?

4 comentarios:

Gala said...

Es un buen tatuaje, yo leí el último Harry Potter y está muy bueno el símbolo por el significado que tiene, yo también pienso en acerme un tatuaje, supongo que el hombro, besos, Gala.

MeriLu ♥ said...

Jajajajajajaajjajajajjaaj too horrible to be posted in this blog jajajajaj (i should laught like: haha, but well). I love that tatoo, really. It's unusual and beautiful ♥
I like the place of the first picture too (althoug i suposse it's a bit painful).

See you Lu (:

Nai said...

i do not know what it means, (i didn't read the harry potter books) but i don't know, it's cute, haha. well if you want the tattoo just for you, it should be tattoed in the way to be correctly seen for you, the thing changes if you want it to take photos and all that stuff.

Antonellaa- said...

Que buena idea esa para un tatuaje, me encanto! (como buena fanatica de Harry Potter que soy jajaja). A mi tambien me encantan los tatuajes en las muñecas, pero lo malo es que es un lugar visible, es un poco complicado para taparlo. Otro lugar que me gusta mucho es la espalda, en el medio, o la nuca. Y despues me gustan en el pie, pero eso es mas loco ya jaja. Ojala puedas decidirte =) Un besote. Te agrego a mis links asi paso mas seguido =)